Thursday, September 20, 2007

Kindness Rocked at Templeton!!

What a great day! Today I performed with Kindness Rocks again. We did two concerts at Templeton High School. In the morning we had about 1200 elementary students and in the afternoon it was all 1000+ Templeton High School students. We have never done the show for high school kids before. I think they really liked it. They were crowd surfing while I was singing, clapping and cheering the whole time, they were even holding up their cell phones like they do at big concerts! We even had a bunch of kids jump up on stage at the end of the finale. Hello security - just kidding. It was so much fun. We are doing another show in October some time out in Tsawaassen.

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b3beangel said...

hi its Linda u have an awsoem voice and thanks for the autograph =D