Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Saving the Earth is Child's Play...

On June 12, I am singing at "Saving the Earth is Child's Play".
It is going to be a wonderful show... www.LiveEarthKids.com for tickets and more info.


Papa and Grandma C said...

Looking forward to attending the Save the Earth concert!

krisannejoson said...

michaela ! :)
helloo, you might not know me
but im one of the girls who
kept saying hi to you & asked
to be your BESTFRIEND . haha
anyways, you did a great job at
the play. you were awesome !
too bad i didnt get your autograph
after the play, hahahah

Julie said...

hola michaela!
grandma c told me that you and josh singing the prayer was hidden on your blog so i found it and i was so glad i did! it was absolutely beautiful! i'm bummed that i missed the live version but i'm happy i could see the video of it .. just wonderful!
can't wait for soccer this weekend .. i'm only able to make sunday but it should be a great day with all the family. remind your mom that we need to organize our shopping spree day .. hee hee, how fun!
muchos xoxo,
auntie julie :)