Friday, February 16, 2007

My **Crazy** Friday Night

Tonight, I sang at SFU, for the Women's Championship Basketball Game against Victoria. Some of those girls were extremely tall!! After that, I sped over to my dance class, for the remainder of jazz and an hour of tap. Phew!! I enjoyed my Pro-D day today. It's good to relax!



Julie said...

Hey kiddo, I must say I am really enjoying reading your blog. You are such a busy girl .. your friday night was busier than mine! Phew is right! Tayo and I are very much looking forward to Destino in April and I'm glad that you're excited about it too .. you deserve it!
Have a great day!
Lots of love,
AJ xoxo :)

Papa & Grandma said...

I tried a post and it was erased so here goes again. Coming to see Miss D play a soccer game tomorrow. Hope to see you play a game next week if it is in Moody. Off to the Avalanche game Sunday and a drive to Chillliwack for your game would be a bit long for me. Hope to see you soon.

Love Grandmac