Monday, February 19, 2007

Thought for the Day...

Let there be no noise made, my gentle friends;
Unless some dull and favourable hand
Will whisper music to my weary spirit.

~William Shakespeare - Henry IV~


Julie said...

ah shakespeare .. such a wise man .. and such a wise young lady to quote him! just listened to the clip again with the rock star .. lovely! can't wait to hear the next song on your blog!
aj :)

Barb Schwandt said...

Hi Michaela; This blog is great now we can keep up with your performances and hopefully get to see you again live. It seems like just yesterday you were singing Oh Canada!! as a toddler at an Aquarians swim meet. Keep up the hard work and hugs a kisses from the Schwandt's. BS

Papa & Grandma said...

Afteernoon Michaela: Just pop in to check your blog and see the new quote. Looked at the Map to see where people are checking your blog from. I don't know if you have more details but I'm going to guess. Tennessee,Utah,California,Quebec or New York State,and last but not least Oz. If you kknow where they are exactly let me know how close I am? OH THE WONDERS OF THE WEB. P.